Our Journey

You know what’s more odd than getting a Southern Belle and a Texan to agree that they’re both Southerners?  Introducing them in Colorado!  And yet, that’s what happened.  We met in a professional {using that term loosely y’all} setting, walked over hot coals and dealt with the devil for a while and then realized that the reason we were there was to meet each other.  We’re both feisty, full of brilliant ideas, love our families and have a whole slew of amazing recipes, heart warming stories, good ole advice and funny Southernisms that we like to share with the world.  Which brings us to you!

While we both would love to simply be stay at home mamas who adore our husbands {well, right now we both adore Wendy’s husband because Joanna hasn’t found a new one. Yet.} and raise our children, our brains won’t allow it.  So here we are, ready to love on ya and share all that we’ve learned so far.  And, we want to hear from you!  We would love to hear your stories, try out y’alls recipes and know what you’re doing to make your world a better place.

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