All Things Beautiful

Who doesn’t love beautiful things?  Regardless of what your taste is, your home should reflect your style.  And style, like us ladies, changes and grows.  If y’all are anything like me, there’s also the days when you are certain that the couches would look better the other way.  You know… any way that’s different from their current position?  And then, praise Jesus, there’s the paint section at the Home Depot.  I am inspired each and every time I walk into the store {which is why I started designing other people’s homes!} and love using color on walls.

Design extends to the outdoors as well, and being from the South I believe there’s little better than a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.  Family reunions to fish fries, birthday parties to progressive dinners, an outdoor dining room & kitchen may be one of the best investments a family can make in their home.  Lights, color, fresh cut flowers and eclectic options can create such a warm environment.  And, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

If I have anything to offer you right off the start, it’s that designing your perfect space doesn’t have to be expensive.  I {Joanna} have just finished furnishing a new home and I’ve done it for next to nothing.  Literally.  Antiques are not as abundant in Colorado as they are in the South, and oh how I miss those road side shops!  But, I am a creative girl.  Vintage fabrics, a little refinish work, some great finds at estate sales and yes, my beloved Craigslist, and paint!  Beyond my recent experience, I’ve been in the thick of designing spaces for nearly two decades and can’t wait to not only share tricks and ideas, but to hear yours as well!

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