Bless Your Heart!

We’ve all been there.  The day when you woke up too early because someone was being noisy and woke the baby, or your alarm didn’t go off and you’re startin the day behind the eight ball.  When the kids don’t have anything together, someone drank the last of the milk and didn’t tell you, or your tire goes flat.  You need a hug!  There are the times in our lives that stall us; a loss of a loved one, a career disappointment, the end of a friendship.  Maybe the thing that gets you over the hump is a good talk with a girlfriend.

Or a stranger.  I had a long, life altering conversation with a stranger at a train station years ago.  Strangers can be great.  My point is that inspiration and motivation can come from the most unexpected places. Perhaps you’re considering a life change?  Maybe you have the next brilliant idea?!  We love a great success story and embrace people who are helping others UP.

We have both been blessed with amazing women in our lives, and know the power of a prayer, a hug and a great pep talk.  While we all know the Southern Woman mantra… “push it down, way down”… we also think that having a place where you can unload your heavy heart and/or share your personal joy is important.  SO, whether big or small, trivial or life altering, we want to hear from you!

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