How’d She Do That?

Have you ever wondered how your neighbor hung her Christmas lights perfectly?  What about that 24 hour lipstick we all aspire to?  Or maybe {like me} you’re talented enough to polish your favorite nail polish shut {don’t ask how I did that please} and can’t get it to open again?  Maybe you don’t know how to change a tire… or plant a garden that’s the envy of the neighborhood.  Grannie’s jelly?  Yep, we know.

We’re not only going to share our favorite tricks and tips with you, but we want to know yours as well!  Talk to us ladies!  We all know that this world turns because of our creativity… Wendy and I think it’s time to share a little of the wealth.

We also want to encourage y’all to share your tips on empowering others.  Maybe you’ve started a great group in your community that helps the Seniors?  Or perhaps you and your coworkers have pulled an Oprah and are getting in shape together!  These are powerful stories and people want to hear them.  Your voice, our megaphone!

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