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Halloween Is My Gateway Holiday…

31 Oct

I have never admitted to anyone, until this weekend, that I DO NOT like Halloween, and every year, I face it with dread and apprehension. I hate that The History Channel tries to convince me that zombies could be real and that I should prepare for a zombie apocalypse. I hate that little kids are scared by the different costumes when they go out in the dark to get their candy. If I knew their address, I would deliver candy to their house. I do not like the thought of people thinking that on this one day, ghosts and spirits are more active. My thought: “No, you are just more wierd!” But most of all, I hate that I have to decorate for something with a color scheme of orange and black.  What can you really do with orange and black? I had always kept these feelings to myself, until this weekend.

It was when Joanna asked me if I liked Halloween and not trying to sound like I was a party pooper that I answered her with, “It is not my favorite holiday.” Joanna, in her typical brutal honesty, told me that she hated Halloween along with her oldest son. I can not tell you my relief upon hearing this, because I thought I was alone.  I had never admitted my loathing of this particular holiday until this weekend when I told her how much I also hated Halloween. It was after my friend gave me the courage to admit my feelings that I realized that Halloween is our “Gateway Holiday.”

Once Halloween is over, I can begin to think about the planning of visits from friends and families; making pies, cookies and dinners; picking the perfect gift for those we love; but, most of all, being thankful for all the blessings in our life. Today I am thankful for my girlfriend giving me the courage to be honest about my feelings and helping me find a new way to look at Halloween.

So on this day, that makes some of us happy and others, like me, look forward to the last of the cute costumes coming to the door, just know that sometimes it takes a good friend to help you admit and own your truth. And at the very least, she can help me fight off the zombies if they show up at my door. I may want to invite a lot of friends over, just in case the zombie apocalypse occurs…thank you History Channel for all the tips.

On the scariest night of the year, be safe, enjoy the little ones and give out extra candy to everyone.

Happy “Gateway H0liday” to those of you out there who stand with us, and Happy Halloween to everyone else.

Big Hug…W