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16 Oct

Wendy has been encouraging me to juice, fruits and veggies, and this awesome combo we call the Green Machine.  So I spent my morning at Sprouts yesterday collecting the best of the greens and some great apples.  This morning, I woke up and juiced for an hour and I have two gallons of the brightest and most delicious juice.

I will tell you that when I made the Green Machine the first time last week, my kids looked at me like I’d gone bananas {not an uncommon thing in my house} but then I asked my 7 year old daughter to try it, and she loved it!  Once my 2 year old daughter saw that, she had to have some.  Both girls shared a 16oz Mason jar full of the Green Machine, and I was speechless {a very uncommon thing!}.  My boys also love it, and we’ve agreed that we are all done buying juice.  I will invest an hour each Sunday to juicing our two gallons, and my family will not only be healthier and more aware of what goes into what we eat|drink, but you’ll be astonished at how much more energy you have after this change.  Makes you think.

Green Machine:

4 large bunches of Kale

1lb Bag of Green Apples

3 large Cucumbers

2 Lemons {for freshness}

Orange Carrot Juice:

1lb Oranges

2 lb Carrots

3 Cucumbers

1 bunch of Celery

2 Lemons {for freshness}

{note: this juice is a little bitter, so we added 1tbs of Amber Agave Nectar to the gallon}