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Love Your Windows! Treat them Properly.

19 Nov

Let’s talk about windows.  Bright, happy, glorious windows.  If we’re honest I think most people will admit that they don’t give their windows due attention.   I want to provide some inspiration, as well as some great tips and tricks on hanging your fabrics correctly.  I have to admit that when I walk into a room, anywhere, I look at the window treatments… how they’re hung, the type of fabric{s} used, colors, etc.  Here are some favorites…

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is hanging their hardware either too low or too close together.  How many of you have hung your hardware, just relieved that it’s level, only to hang your fabrics and find there’s a gap on either side of the window?  Admit it… it’s happened.  Window treatments are one of the simplest ways to maximize your wall height.  Hanging your hardware just a minute below your ceiling creates a dramatic effect that elongates an abbreviated wall.  Hang it at the perfect width {approx 3″ outside the window frame} and you create the illusion that your window is wider than it truly is, as well as utilize all that wonderful natural light.

A few tricks of the trade:

1.  The remnant section at your favorite fabric store can be your best friend.  If I can sew, anyone can!

2.  Please, please do not hang a 7′ fabric on a 9′ length!  Your fabric should touch the floor… pooling is optional.

3.  Your hardware need not be ornate.  Do stay consistent with scale and substance.

Make it Beautiful! ~ JB

Bows, Barettes & Ribbons, Oh my!

17 Oct

The creations from www.daisyribbons.com are beautiful, creative and a must have for any little girl’s bow collection.

When you are from The South, bows in a girl’s hair are a way of life at least until you are out of high school.  For some women, they take the bow addiction way into their married life, which should be forbidden.  I stopped wearing bows the summer after I graduated high school.  And seeing that I was blessed with boys, the only bows in my house for the last 20 years have belong to a dog.  Southern women, not only have a collection of bows that sometimes takes over entire closets, they begin introducing their girls to bows as soon as they are born.  One of my girlfriends had a bow on her baby girl’s bald head before the nurses give that baby a wipe down.  Well, that is how it seemed to me.  I asked her one day how she got that itty bitty bow to stay on that round, bald head.  She informed me in a whisper that KY Jelly was the secret…a little dab on the itty bitty bow and one thumb press later…this adorable little girl is ready to go out. WHAT??!! We have an entire population of women who do not understand the proper use of KY Jelly. How could this injustice of misinformation go on any longer? In The South, you learn to put on lipstick as your practicin’ walkin’ in your mama’s high heels; but, now I know how those mama’s keep those bows on their baby’s heads. #itsasouthernthing