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A Chat Over Tea…It’s Good For The Soul #itsasouthernthing

29 Oct

As I travel and browse with girlfriends on shopping trips and sightseeing, I am always looking for that item I can not live without. Over the years, I have found some very interesting objects that have become a part of our family.  And though my husband swears we could have lived without many, I know he is mistaken.  On my recent trip to Door County, Wisconsin, with my new friend, Angela, and my youngest son, we stopped by a little consignment shop in Sturgeon Bay, right across from the Madison Avenue Wine Shop.

This little store is like many I have visited all over the country with a little of this and that, but mainly most of the items were left overs from a life or a move or a garage clean out. I always look and try to take the time to walk through the entire store, because you never know what you are going to find. A few years ago, in a store much like this one, I found an extensive collection of really old records and purchased all of them. At the time I really did not know what I was going to do with these records.  Fast forward 15 years, and with my father-in-law and my family over tea one night and after dinner, we pulled out the records. I was not aware that he knew most of the artists. We sat for almost two hours and listened to music he had enjoyed in his younger years. He knew all the words, so we laughed and he sang, and I was grateful for that purchase.

In these little thrift stores and antique shops I continue my search, and this store in Sturgeon Bay was just like all the others. I was ready to leave when something caught my eye. It was behind a few pots and pans and had my name written all over it. One of my favorite things to do is to have people over, so we can eat, visit and just enjoy time passing in each other’s company. Having tea or coffee is part of that ritual, so the silver sugar/creamer set with the matching tray was a good find for me to continue these rituals. And at under $5, I was even happier.

And a few days later, on this beautiful Saturday morning, my husband and I enjoyed a cup of tea with some banana muffins. We ate, laughed and planned our day. I enjoyed our time together even more, because we were together.  But most of all, because we were eating muffins from my mother-in-law’s china, which reminds us of her every day, and enjoying another great find from one of those little stores. A find that someone may have loved and enjoyed before us. Everyone should have things they love surrounding them, and I think this little item will a part of that love for many years to come.  My husband…he tolerates the prettiness and tries not to make it dirty.  Me…I am constantly reminding him to wash his hands and not be rough with the pretty things. We make a good team.

Do you have something you have found in an unexpected place that brings you joy or makes you smile? If so, we would love to hear about. Share the name and the address of the store where you found it. I may visit.  😉

Joy is contagious…share your joy today…

Big Hug…W