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Stay tuned for a recap of cooking, traveling and overall observations…

28 Oct

What a wonderful day in Door County yesterday. We found some amazing olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a beautiful tea set at an antique store. Did I mention the art? Well, we stopped by a few galleries and saw some amazing photography, paintings and blown glass. It was absolutely beautiful. We ended the day at a wonderful restaurant that served this ‘my life can be over now’ Banana Bread Pudding. I asked for the recipe and was told the owner of the restaurant was a cancer survivor. For a donation to her local cancer foundation, she would share the recipe. Done and done! Joanna and I will be writing about this crazy week we have had in the next few days.  Stay tuned…Big Hug…JW

The Bucket List, pt. 1

21 Oct

Do you have a bucket list?  If so, what’s on it?  I had never made one until my, uh, 30th Birthday this year. 😉  But when I sat down and was honest with myself about where I’ve been, the things I have accomplished and been brave enough to try, well, the list wasn’t long enough for me.  So I set about to create a list that would inspire me.  I believe that one step leads you to your next step, so that’s kind of how I made my list.

First up is more travel.  I love to see the world, and prior to my second marriage {don’t judge}, was on quite a roll.  I used to have great getaways with my girlfriends, take trips alone, etc.  It was so much fun!  But it stopped once I was remarried and we had more kiddos.  We always talked about places we’d like to travel, but it never happened.  Single again, it’s time to get back to exploring the world and sharing it with my friends and family.  There’s so much to see and learn, people to meet and adventures to be had.  I have also gone back to school as an International Studies and World Languages student, so I’m committed. 😉

Here’s one of my goals on the agenda for 2012…  Hiking through Italy.  There’s this amazing five day hike that takes you up the northwest coast of Italy, stopping in villages each night.  Can you imagine?  I’ve given up my beloved Starbucks runs to save for this trip, and I am determined to take one or two of my favorite people with me, so honey may need to give up new shoes too, but it will be so worth it!  Here’s the trip I am looking at, through REI… http://www.rei.com/adventures/trips/europe/italy_cinque.html#sec4

What’s in your Bucket?

Godetevi i vostri viaggi!


Hello world!

10 Oct

Oh my y’all are in for a treat!  We are so excited to be here, meet more fabulous women and share all kinds of goodies.  Join us daily for new recipes, funny tidbits of life, product reviews, etiquette advice, inspiration and who knows what else!  This is your home base for all things Southern.  You have questions?  Concerns?  Need a prayer?  Talk to us!  You can leave messages here, and you can email us directly at jwfoodanddesign@gmail.com.  You can also get fab It’s A Southern Thing TV at YouTube!  We’ll be posting cooking lessons, tips and tricks and much more!  Tell a friend, share an idea… we can’t wait to talk with you!
Work Hard…Be Nice…

Welcome ladies!

Joanna & Wendy